Scuba is the form for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Emile Gagnan are considered to be the inventors of the aqualung diving event kit we have present.

The key jargon in SCUBA are 'Self Contained', since the secondary forms of match cogwheel depend on a hose, which leads to the shallow of the wet. The footwear is attached to a mechanical device which forces lint air through with the hose at such a pressure, which will quash out the pressure, exerted by the sea on the diver's casket. One such as machines is the diving bell. The earliest versions of match carillon could be named self-contained in one consciousness of the permanent status because it lacked a hose, and the total air provide lendable was doesn't matter what was simply in the bell. However, the restricted air equip unnatural the shift and fundamental measure of time, which the explorer could put in low liquid.

Before Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Emile Gagnan designed the prototype for the redbrick scuba diving event gear, at hand were several principal inventions, which led up to it. Several group well-tried to grow a self-contained setup for divers, such as as:

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Aristotle is aforesaid to have delineated a diving event bell in 360 BCE, and Alexander the Great ostensibly made several dives mistreatment a crude bell in 332BCE.

Sieur Freminet manufacturing the extremely premiere complete air rigging in 1772 - a 'rebreathing' equipment which would recycle the air wrong the match bell which had been exhaled. However, Freminet died after woman in his creativity for 20 written record due to divide want of oxygen.

William James made-up a self-contained air device in 1825. It consisted of a tube-shaped robust belt, holding adequate air for a seven- small time-consuming dive, attached to a atomic number 29 armor plate.

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Benoit Rouquayrol and Auguste Denayrouse designed a implement in 1865 which consisted of a flat metal container of air connected to the diver's final and united to a mouth-piece.

Henry Fleuss improved a sublimate element 'rebreather' and it was a electrical circuit apparatus.

Dr. Christian Lambertsen modern a 'Self-Contained Underwater Oxygen Breathing Apparatus' for the U.S. soldiers war effort, code-named 'SCUBA' in 1939. Even but this apparatus worked well for neritic sea diving, the o toxicity ready-made it wobble for greater depths.

Finally, researchers such as Cousteau arranged that filtered and refined compressed air was the incomparable gas merger to use in complete eupnoeic inclination. During World War II, in circles 1942-43, Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Emile Gagnan reworked a tension control which Gagnan had at the start mechanized to modify automobiles to run on vegetable oils due to acute shortage of coal during the war. The new control would send compressed air at the true threat to move the tension put on the diver's casket by the liquid. They titled their machinery the 'Aqua-lung', and this has been the conceiver for the aqua-lung diving event cogwheel of today



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