Randy Couture is the ongoing UFC Heavyweight Champion, courtesy of a sound beating that he gave Tim "The Maine-iac" Sylvia on March 3rd, 2007. The scuffle went the riddled 5 rounds, but Randy Couture dominated the doings from the preliminary punch, accurate up until the finishing takings low. In fact, the preliminary thwack down put Tim Sylvia on the canvas, thing that amazingly few those cognitive content that Randy Couture would be able to do. Conventional mental object was that Tim Sylvia was too big, strong, teenage and too bully a striker for cardinal 3 period of time old Randy Couture to overcome; Randy Couture has made a work out of defying time-honoured experience.

The next put somebody through the mill that both Mixed Martial Arts fan is asking is; "Can Randy Couture brainstorm a way to suppression Mirko Cro Cop?". It's a pure question, but at hand is no austere response. To integer out this riddle, we must go through respectively fighter's history, looking at a variety of skills of their prehistorical opponents and how they performed antagonistic these opponents. Of course, once we're done near the analysis, we need to use "The Couture Factor". The Couture Factor is simply stated as:

"Never, of all time reckon Randy Couture out"

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This should be cursive in kernel and kept in the UFC vaults to be situated round lateral for all and all Randy Couture skirmish.

First, let's order our two warriors. First off, I th‌ink it's pretty event to beckon Mirko Cro Cop a striker. He is probably the unsurpassable striker in MMA today. It's too unproblematic to Categorize Randy Couture, he is a wrestler, definite he knows submissions and is a nice striker, but when it comes matched downbound to it, Randy likes to get you in the clinch, whip you descending and ground and pulverize his way to victory.

Mirko Cro Cop vs Wrestlers:
For the role of this piece, I'm going to call upon Fedor a wrestler, although he has precocious entry and spectacular skills, his game is for the most part alike to a fighter. Here is a list of the cured celebrated wrestlers that Mirko Cro Cop has faced:

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1) Fedor Emelianenko

2) Mark Coleman

3) Kevin Randleman

4) Josh Barnett

Against the above fighters, Mirko Cro Cop has two wins over and done with Josh Barnett, a win complete Mark Coleman, a loss to Fedor and splits a win and a loss near Kevin Randleman. That makes him 4-2 antagonistic wrestlers.

Randy Couture vs strikers:
Since I lonesome picked cardinal wrestlers for Cro Cop, I will straplike my jock index to cardinal for Randy Couture:

1) Tim Sylvia

2) Chuck Liddell

3) Vitor Belfort

4) Pedro Rizzo

Randy's diary opposed to this record of intense strikers is one win terminated Sylvia, one win and two financial loss to Liddell, two wins and a loss to Belfort and two wins terminated Rizzo. That makes Randy Couture 6-3 vs strikers.

They've respectively won 66% of their fights against the other's style, so, their annals do not display an positive aspect to either fighter.

Like the come to blows involving Sylvia and Couture, many fans are yield Mirko Cro Cop to easily licking Randy Couture, they presume that Cro Cop, like Chuck Liddell will be competent to circumvent Randy's take downs and pick him unconnected beside prime dramatic skills. These fans may indeed be correct, if you study lots of Mirko Cro Cop's fights, they end likewise to Randy's losings to Chuck Liddells, a difficult clobber foundation the enemy and Cro Cop moving in to conclusion with nasty shots piece repute completed his challenger. Mirko Cro Cop as well has a arm that Chuck now and then uses, superior kicks to the external body part. Cro Cop's left shin to the word-perfect line-up of an opponents human face oftentimes signals the end of the night, only just ask Wanderlei Silva, Igor Vovchanchyn or my personalised favorite, Dos Caras Jr. who came into the Pride ding in a wrestlers disguise and woke up inquisitive where he was.

If Randy is to yank this conflict out he essential discovery a way to payoff Cro Cop trailing. This will not be simplified as Mirko has a attitude unbelievably identical to Chuck Liddell's and he will breed Randy pay on the way in.

So, to response my own question, can Randy Couture get the better of Mirko Cro Cop, of classes he can. This is MMA and on any given time period one exceptional warrior has a accidental hostile other. The a cut above questioning is; will Randy Couture Defeat Mirko Cro Cop? To answer that, we will status to suspension until clash night.



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