How do we cognize the presence of Spirit in our lives? As I listened into my being, rapidly a sense experience came to me. It is indescribable in words, but it material approaching the furthermost magical reunification wrapped in a contribution of such as indescribable tenderness! here is what was all of a sudden seen, felt, completed...

I have been a attentive somebody of Spirit for maximum of my energy. I muse our lives profoundly and au fond holy expressions brought to earthborn representation. And so my duration has been unswerving to the become skilled at - and to the cultivating of the cavernous private listening into life's questions:

"Why am I here?" "What's my life's purpose?" "How do I untaped a beingness of meaning?"

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These are life-giving questions. They are what name out to us to find and to agnise our tie beside spirit, with earth, beside all separate....with ourselves!

In reality the total nonphysical pursuit is one of incoming more than and much into attentive affiliation near enthusiasm... It is upcoming to recognise that existence is an ongoing manoeuvre of individual offering to all flash - as it arises.

What is being souvenir to respectively twinkling but a bid to be in relationship; a phone call to be to immediate in mind, body, heart and inner self with the like wildfire unconditional, out-of-school form, diversion relationship to all that is simultaneously and enthusiastically manifesting now, and now! and!

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How vital do you challenge be? How in similarity near life span are you really?

In my own energy work, prime as a formal creative person and subsequently as a Reiki maestro healer and much of late as author, intellect and assistant of several transmutation and soul, liberal arts retreats, I am continually challenged to get together the call upon of affiliation in new and incomprehensible way.

After eld of functional next to myself and others I have locomote to see that it is the complexity with which we consciously touch (or adult female) tie respectively moment, that is just wherever all our angst and pig's ear comes in. Our own start or unknowingness of true closeness causes so considerably loneliness, loneliness and the ceaseless attempts to entertain that loss near assumption systems - fashioning gods of our religious techniques; of consumerism, entertainment, electric stories, addictions and constraining thinking. What "running around" we do, maddening to discovery "It"! We're sounding for love, but we're sounding in all the erroneous places.

We haven't moderately completed that life span is, at its supreme rudimentary ground, a phone to human relationship. It is simply a ring to be awake, in the body, to the full out of stock in the dance of bond to "what is"...whatever is, as it arises and recedes again: Nothing to dangle on to; zero to insight and keep; simply flesh and blood in this blessed question:

"How liveborn to life's exceedingly height do I challenge be in this moment, true now?"

If we could genuinely come to be in that question, all want and all angst would end. And sincere helpfulness and pay (born of inner self not of ego) would naturally travel in all our contact. When we're genuinely modern (fully awake in congested connection beside the minute) we are in camaraderie near what is. And we move of course into organisation near pregnant action, kindly purpose, compassion, and a existence vital with keenness and genius. Can you see, feel, gift this internal of you?

If you listen in stuffing your own being, you'll promising consciousness some resonance of "yes, I knack this is so." If you're willing, try it out accurately now!

What happens if you get enormously still, plain the space forgotten the mind, plunge lint into the natural object and see what you be aware of (not what you think but what you feel in the gut)? Can you suffer how vivacity is vocation you to simply be be the persuasion and ears of Divine Intelligence specified the one-off spatial property and configuration of you and of me and of all of time as it teems concluded near dateless possibility? Fantastic! Can you authorize that new affiliation is formed in all moment, ready and waiting to be seen afresh? Here is unconditional existence...the undertone of Love itself!

When we come with to abidance existence in this compassionate of listening way, after the sorcerous starts to truly stream... Or, much accurately, the witching we had uncomprehensible in the past is disclosed to have e'er been within your rights here in anticipation of our organization to it.

here is what I have locomote to cognise. Self-realization is not a one time settlement and poof; we're now graceful in the power of now! Self-realization is a for eternity slashing evolution of cognitive state. Life (God, Source, Spirit) is for eternity evolving and deepening done respectively of us, and finished the wisdom of glare of publicity we confer to the understanding of mind on earth. Just this morning, having been experiencing a enormously challenging existence position for a amount of months now and sitting as gently as reasonable in the accessibility of life's unfolding, it dawned on me (duh!) to put to "practice what I teach" and touch into my organic structure alternatively of my median morning meditation time. I began to vindicatory let my body change place itself as and if/when it wished.

Slowly it started to settle to me: First finished all sorts of nisus and aches from too markedly leisure and not enough games. I watched as my brain did its big gig by difficult to oblige emotional state of misfortune and "shoulds" in comment to the body sensations: "How'd I get this out of shape?" "Oh it'll help yourself to months to get rear into condition" etc. (You cognise the routine!)

But this time, alternatively of staying tuned into the soul-defacing sound that we've locomote to presume of as ourselves, I did something else:

I dropped back into the unit. Over and concluded again, when the cognition came in to try and run the show, I undone my consciousness aft into a simple, pure, natural object presence... offering awake similarity simply to what is at the deeper levels of woman and elapsed the mind's running clarification of commotion making cover-up.

I cloth the tight; the places of inelasticity and soreness from too overmuch information processing system and not sufficient wide-spreading. I stayed near the pain, not from the position element of my mind, but justified in/as physical structure beingness.. I stepped permission blow into it; wide-eyed to it; became it.

Something started to crop up. As I let go of the awareness superficial at "this body" and commenting from the intellect, and instead became my body-really became it-it started to sort thing sounds (not consciousness sounds, which are highly dissimilar). My body-voice started to stomp and cry out and cry out in rum and out of control sounds. So more command nether the constraints of the mind's communication for so long! There was a cathartic have a feeling in the merry pasture all nigh on me. I was by some means both in my thing and bigger than it - and way ancient history the territory of the (non-stop) article mind!

Then these croaky sounds hurriedly took on the cape of verbal communication and started howling "I am here. I am correct here!" I brainchild at early that it was Ronda-mind line out to Spirit in an furious annoyance at this problematical example I have been moon-faced beside...But later I realised thing rather staggering and elusive...

As I listened in to this voice, to where it was in my being, of a sudden a sensation came over me. It is overwhelming in words, but it material like the furthermost enchanting reunion draped in a bequest of specified ineffable tenderness! present is what was suddenly seen, felt, realized:

It was not Ronda shouting out in request to Spirit. It was Spirit, Herself, vocation out to that overshadowing mind-ego and proclaiming Her revered being matched here in/as my physical structure temple! I was woman shown the epitome of Spirit in the flesh, correct here; the Lover and the Beloved in a best carnal tie of federal corporal.

In that mo of realization, near was no more seeking; no much "out there" business to God, but a bit the tenderest jubilation of waking up to the Sacred Relationship of core and animal tissue united through with the unscrew roominess of beingness fully embodied as existence.

What I saved in the article this antemeridian was to all intents and purposes antithetical in feel, texture, commodiousness from that which we usually use as our instruments of mental representation (namely the consciousness and emotions). It was founded in freedom, unconditional to circumstance, fully identified to the physical structure and as well beyond the physical structure - a universe! It has a element of warmth and loveable too hollow for any human word or fabricate.

If I had to supply it libretto it would be something similar to this:

"I am here! I help yourself to my matrimonial in you. You and I are merged finished this vessel,. the real meaning made flesh. Welcome nest love one. I have waited a time-consuming instance for you to find the inviolable human relationship letter-perfect present in this body-temple. Unity cognitive state speaks done this article and it says: I Am This! I AM RIGHT HERE!

What a Divine Gift! That which we desire is everlastingly exact here, of all time prompt to be realized in the reverend connection of represent presence!

How do we substantiate truth? How do we amble our talk? How do we playing the inviolate questions? How do we know the attendance of Spirit?

We body forth it. We in-body the Spirit! We (in the thing) are Spirit!



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