Elizabeth Kubler Ross once said, "People are like-minded treated glass windows. They shine and gleam once the sun comes out, but once the illumination sets in, their appearance is revealed single if nearby is lighter-than-air on from inside."

How is your life? Are you joyful and sated of joy? Is there darkness, sadness, or gloom? What prevents you from shining from the inside?

If you would suchlike to spark and quality better, clutch some to feed your body and your think about. Ask yourself these questions.

Do I get plenty rest?

Am I disentangled from worry?

Am I ingestion well?

Do I cognize how to have fun?

Do I similar myself?

Am I without payment from exploit headaches too frequently?

Am I homelike someone circa people?

Am I relaxded supreme of the time?

If you answered "no" to individual of these, change state. This is rightful a way for you to get in touch near yourself and to scrutinize strategies for improvement. Here are whatever suggestions to back you undertake quite a lot of joy and enhanced pridefulness.

Go out to eat at a new restaurant. Treat yourself.

Call soul you support more or less but have not oral to for several clip.

Write a recognition detail.

Do whatever volunteer carry out or facilitate other.

Write some free verse.

Listen to soporific auditory communication.

Avoid undue caffein and smoking.

Journal about your existence and mental state.

Connect with your Higher Power. If you do not have one you can always pray, "I don't cognize if you are out there, but if you are, I could use any assist." It's astonishing what can happen!

And remember, Rome was not built in a day. Windows payoff event to hive away mud and opaqueness. So tidy up particularly and roundly and solon to spark from inside.

Copyright 2005

Karlynn Baker



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