One of the tools I use as a professional thinker are countdowns.

What specifically is a countdown? To put it simply, anytime a signal event, party, or leisure is anticipated (okay perchance fearful :), write a MASTER inventory of EVERYTHING you obligation to do.

For example, during the time of year holidays, tasks such as as- background your table, endowment buying, cooking, decorating, may be drifting say in your herald. "Oh yes, I can't forget to do x,y,z", grumble familiar?

Transfer all of that psychic welter from your head onto a particle of article. This is your MASTER commotion listing.

Then, removal all component part on your MASTER schedule to a day in your calendar, sometime beforehand the happening. It will not be too delicate to find out the required chronological instruct for all odd job. You may impoverishment to use something outsize similar to a divider calendar with post-it resume for the man-to-man tasks. This way, if you cannot sheer a undertaking on the assigned day, you can relocate the post-it completed to another day.

You now have DAILY and WEEKLY stir lists and have a moment ago created a COUNTDOWN.

After creating your Master list, you may establish that you logistically cannot get it all done until that time the happening. If this applies to you, wish to delegate, delete, or decrease numerous of your tasks. Do you truly call for to make a contribution a gift to both solitary one of your coworkers? Can you buy the jelly donuts or else of baking hot them-especially if you've never ready-made preserves donuts before?



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