Cypress oil helps alter secretion undertaking and is an strong healing for young-bearing secretion imbalances and to regulate catamenial cycles, as recovered as technical hitches associated next to change of life.

An medicine Cypress oil gives comfort, stimulates rational life and strengthens one's capableness to concentrate.

Use Cypress oil to dwindle strict hot flashes!

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Cypress oil stimulates the beginning of menses, as economically as relieves expelling cramps. Here's how:

HOT COMPRESS DIRECTIONS - Excellent for local submission to relief overcrowding and spasm from catamenial cramps, as asymptomatic as colds and flu, put on muscles, etc.

Disperse 4-8 drops of Cypress oil, alone or in a blend, in a teaspoon of drinkable or honey and add to a baby stainless alloy vessel of hot sea. Absorb the "HOT" liquid into a swab cloth. Using restrictive gloves, wring out overspill river and employ hot scrunch to realm of discomfort, restate once your material cools.

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*Note: You may lagging the tepid fabric beside a integrative leaf or a towel to keep it "HOT" long.

Cypress oil is attending as a drug. Use it to divest edema, swelling, water ownership and bloating.

FOR A SATISFYING BLEND use 1 or 2 of these unadulterated fundamental oils with Cypress: Clary Sage, Geranium, Fennel, Juniperberry, Lavender.

CAUTION: Please go round Cypress oil during pregancy due to its circulative and secretion private property. If you do deprivation to use Cypress oil while you are pregnant keep happy ask a qualified executive aromatherapist, as it can be particularly advantageous in guaranteed situations.

PLEASE NOTE: There are many an cheap, unreal copies of aromatic oils, but these are not advisable for energizing use. For first-rate results acquisition the untouchable trait oils you can credibly find. Use certified organic vital oils, or oils that have been well-tried and are chemical on the rampage.

Aromatherapy is a calm and noninvasive inessential upbeat safekeeping convention nearly new for equalization and synchroneity your body, mind, real meaning and emotions to enhance your well-being. Properly administered compulsory oils are a natural, secure and useful way to enhance your wellness and wellbeing and can raise rewarding grades where on earth other methods have messed up. Please consult next to your dr. concerning scholarly eudaimonia concerns and do not try to self analyse.



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