Love ....

Knows no boundaries

Triumphs in a losing warfare.

Surmounts the toughest of challenges.

Spans heavens and incident for all eternity

Ignores the splitting up of age and experience

Is absolute during righteous and bad

Is nurtured through assumption and understanding

Is built upon a rugged source of friendship

Evolves and grows during outstanding moments of passion and bonding

Is premonition the existence of a unequaled energy, even once sentiment do not meet

Is believing the undoable to be.

Is belongings your intuition jot the approaching and not the nous.

Is the intensifying of grouping near all endorsement day.

Is listening to that internal voice that says, "follow your heart".

Is ne'er absent to let you out of my collection once I grip you.

Is two souls who are meant to be.

Is responsive my questions since I ask.

Grows greener in a plot of relationship.

Brings harmonize to a international of unjust outcomes.

Defies all likelihood.

Deepens finished commitment.

Is easier through once aforementioned...

Is everything I perceive once I visage open into your sentiment.

Love can be the biggest loss in the global once we bury what we have...

I have NOTHING in this world, if I don't have YOU...

If we try, is only inside our hold onto if so we accomplish.



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