A media kit tells journalists, radio and tv populace astir you, your work, and the merit of that work. At the counsel of a commercialism unyielding I compiled a media kit for my prevenient melancholy stamp album. To get the maximum for my income I narrow the interaction list downstairs to publications, organizations, and stations that would be fascinated in the photograph album.

I bought 100 arts school folders on selling at a area organization hand accumulation. The folders were yellow, a colour I on purpose chose because it stand out and symbolizes cheerfulness. If you merely demand a xii kits or so you may use perspicuous integrative folders or three-ring notebooks for your kits. But I was production my kits on the tawdry.

The adjacent reason was a surface optical. I had a nifty exploitable association beside a graphic draughtsman who was talented, and in good health yet, affordable. She wrong-side-out the covert of the pamphlet into a prickle. My bureau give retail store written the stickers for a nominal fee. I glued a sticker and concern card to each categorizer.

Of course, the list of my media kit were the utmost central. Since I had several commerce riches on foot I put them in the kits. I photocopied new inserts and color coded them for straightforward remark. The inserts were pulled out to corroborate my words track text and weight. Each kit had:

* A color photocopy of the media relief for the book

* An article roughly the scrap book from the area newspaper

* A "Library Journal" assessment of one of my past books

* A "Detroit Free Press" analysis of one of my foregoing books

* A reprinting of an nonfiction I wrote for "Minnesota Medicine"

* Two EzineArticles I wrote give or take a few antecedent grief

* A particular bookmark

* A xanthous postal card beside a flower on it and ordination information

I purchased gargantuan brown envelopes for the media kits. The assignment business office was sympathetic satisfactory to endow with me a roll of "Priority Mail" stickers. Priority communication disbursement more, but meditation it would cause my kit shelf out from the hundreds of separate kits on editors' desks. Before I mailed a media kit I entered the identify of the organization, address, and association entity on a log.

Though it took respective months, the media kits generated results. I was on two Canadian radio stations, almost 10 American radio stations, and participated in a four-part cycle on preceding gloom. Articles in the region of the pamphlet appeared in respective Minnesota the media and one Arizona treatise. Jim Agnew catalogued the work of fiction on his BookPicks website, it was cited in an net wellness newsletter, and reviewed on the American Hospice Foundation website. In addition, I was asked to reply at six conferences.

Should you put together a media kit for your book? Only you can reply this grill. Your answer depends on the sensitive of calligraphy you do and your fund. A media kit is much than a mercantilism tool, it can give a hand you see your activity much undeniably. Making a media kit for one sticker album may lead you to the next.

Copyright 2006 by Harriet Hodgson



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