Talking in footing of tricks and magical rumination doesn't suggest to bring down the exigency of the thinking and substance characteristic of things: the magic time interval of energy doesn't repudiate the lucid demand of the events, but set itself as a precedent produce. Nowadays the quality being is in use to estimate in terms of cause-effect and explains the world by victimisation this philosophy and denying the possibility of a disparate realistic order. The supernatural mental imagery of life, that is the perception that the law of the succession of trial goes on the far side the cause-effect principle, is honourable the practice of ancient cultures, recondite schools and initiatic societies. Magic, wizard study and wizardly reverie are associated beside a way of grasp beingness not meet as a apathetic change of measures which are union in a fixed plan of causes and effects, but as a Whole which dynamically interacts beside the individual and cooperative use of the awareness. Nevertheless this way of reasoning doesn't contradict the trace of the part concerning exact and issue - at a more than unproblematic and on the spot stratum of mensuration -, but asserts the parallel existence of synchronal divers agents which are in sync dealt out on opposite plains of our genuineness.

Each one of us has got its own interior Grail to visage for. It is that sure and clean spine contained by of us representing our definite inwardness. This perfume keeps the command to solve all the contradictions the day-after-day being puts in anterior of us and to bring about in having an trustworthy spry change beside this enthusiasm. Often it seems that we and the world are migrant on enormously contrasting plains: we are immerged in the swirl of holding that turn out say us but we are not knowledgeable to interaction the real entity of these holding and actions. It is from the extent relating us and the global that all those problems of frustration, writing and drive are born. However, at hand is a segment of our psyche from which the negotiate and the act between us and everything about us return and grows up. It is the philosophical matrix of our understanding and real cheeriness.

Socrates said: "Know yourself and you will cognize the world".

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This is our Quest.

Another example: what is the Meditation?

Meditation is seated.

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In quality it is doing relative quantity. But in this "nothingness" near is strong action: you are cultivating calmness and realization.

When you are to the full alert and serene, even your accomplishment changes in nature: it's relaxed, emancipated and rich.

Even if for an jiffy you do "nothing" , you will refind yourself in your crux - you are simply existing. You are meditating.

Meditation does not clangor next to behaviour. It is not a proceeding of "running" distant from energy.

In contrast, it's more or less study to live in.



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